We have a lot of  bounties for MEA users and developers:

First 50 users download the wallet and publish in bitcointalk thread (50 MEA):

MAC wallet (500 MEA):

First Pool (2500 MEA): CLAIMED

Second Pool (1000 MEA): CLAIMED

Third Pool (500 MEA): CLAIMED

First Exchange (10000 MEA): CLAIMED

Second Exchange (5000 MEA):

Third Exchange (2500 MEA):

First MEA game (500 MEA):

First Faucet (1000 MEA for the faucet and 250 for the developer):

Android Mobile Wallet (5000 MEA):

IOS Mobile Wallet (5000 MEA):

Windows Phone Wallet (5000 MEA):

First youtube promotional video (250 MEA):

Middle Earth web translations (100 MEA each translation):

Dutch Translation

French Translation

German Translation: CLAIMED

 Polish Translation

Russian Translation

Finnish Translation

 Arabic Translation

Polish Translation

Chinese Translation

Portugese Translation

Greek Translation

Italian Translation: CLAIMED

Chinese Translation

Soon, more rewards for the comunity and developers.

If you want to claim the reward, please, email us moc.n1411015169iocht1411015169raele1411015169ddim@1411015169nimda1411015169