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One coin to rule them all…

What is Middle Earth Coin?

Middle Earth Coin (MEA) is a new Crypto-Coin created by fans of Tolkien’s books to honour the biggest fantasy world alive. However, Middle Earth Coin is more than a currency created for fiction books lovers, it is also real and extendible to everyone due to the variety of uses and applications we are developing for it.

Middle Earth Coin (MEA) is a decentralized coin (P2P), designed from the famous Bitcoin (which has shown the ability of how people can be organized without money from a country or a bank, and the actual users can control it). It is safe and its issue is limited to 100 million units, so it is not inflationary as other coins.


It could be used as a regular coin in many different places to buy items or pay for services.
Its value would be gradually consolidated, according to the real volume and requests; and it is distanced from speculation.
It would be self-managed and controlled by the actual users.
Exclusive minimum premined to guarantee rewards, improvements and the initial launch.
It would be easy to acquire in exchange for Dollars, Euros or other criptcoins.
The community of fantasy worlds fans will have its own coin.
It would develop a worldwide community, with new ideas and new collaborations.

We can achieve it together!


LAUNCHED ON 5 MAY 2014 10:00 AM (GMT)

Windows Wallet:

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Sources to compile (Linux, MAC, windows):


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